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My MP3 Splitter 2.3

An easy-to-use MP3 file cutter to slice your MP3 files into smaller sections
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This absolutely free utility allows you to cut fragments of any MP3 file and save them with the same level of quality and format of the source file in three simple steps. My MP3 Splitter comes with no complex configuration or output settings, making it the ideal tool for users with no or little experience in audio cutting. It supports ID3v1 tags, which can be easily transferred to the new MP3 file during the cutting process.

You can load one MP3 file at a time and define the new start and end points of the new file either using the convenient slider provided or by entering the new “tags” in a more accurate and precise way (actually, down to the millisecond). You can check your selection using the program’s built-in audio player, which will let you listen to your MP3 file beginning at the start or end points, or from wherever the pointer is located at the time. Whenever you are happy with the fragment selected, you just need to click on the “Save as” button to give a name to the new MP3 file. No transcoding is involved in the process, so the resulting file will retain the same bit and sample rates of the file used as source. (Though the split task itself can be labeled as “lossless”, as no further quality is lost during the process, the fragment so obtained will be as “lossy” as the MP3 file it came from.)

My MP3 Splitter can read, edit, and transfer ID3v1 tags. This means that you can tell the program to transfer any existing Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Track number, Year, and Comment tag to the resulting MP3 file or use this tiny tool to add your own ID3 tags (or to change the content of any already-existing ones) both to the original and to the new MP3 file.

There are various reasons to use and recommend this small yet efficient tool – it is free, it is precise, it is extremely easy to use, and it adds no further loss of quality to the process.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Lossless cutting processes
  • Accurate start and end points
  • Built-in playback tool
  • Can transfer existing ID3v1 tags to the resulting fragments


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